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Yehudit Englard

Contemporary abstract Oil paintings

Yehudit Englard born 1946 in Baghdad came to Israel as a 5-year-old child began painting in her forties.
Since than, Englard has worked with increasing intensity, and with an uncompromising determination to expand her field of artistic creativity.
Her work is closely identified with the contemporary art form known as intuitive painting.
Yehudit is an autodidactic artist, free of any shackles or preconceptions, who simply listens to her own internal artistic instincts and gives full rein to the inner strengths waiting to burst free into individual expression.
“I began painting when I understood that everything began from within me – my own truth, intuition, a desire to know and to search, not to yield.
Throughout the process I rely entirely on my feelings, my creativity, while constantly giving my all, with a boundless love for the world, making no allowances for anything else.”

Englard has held a number of impressive exhibitions during the past years.

" the Neighborhood", Group Exhibition, Rackham Building Gallery, Michigan 2010
"Imagination", Fundraising exhibition for Israeli AIDS Task Force 2010
"Contour" solo exhibition, Michigan University, Ann-Arbor 2009
"imagination", Fundraising exhibition for Israeli AIDS Task Force 2009
Group Exhibition, Yad Labanim, Be'er Sheva 2009
Group Exhibition, Yad Labanim, Netanya 2009
The Opera House, Tel-Aviv Performing Arts Center, "Urban Space", Solo Exhibition 2008
Zichronenu" ,Memoroial group exhibition by Defense Ministry, 60th anniversary of state of Israel 2008
" The Wheat", group exhibition, Rosh-Pina Museum 2008
"Woman's -Prayer", Solo exhibition, "Al-Ha'agam" gallery 2008
Yad – Labanim, Hod-Hasharon, Solo Exhibition 2007
imagination", Fundraising exhibition for Israeli AIDS Task Force, 2007
Al-Ha'agam Gallery, Ra'anana, Solo Exhibition 2007
Belgium- House Gallery, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, solo exhibition 2007
Bienalle -Italy 2007
Yahalom Theater, Ramat-Gan "Wochoshtoki-Longing for you", Solo Exhibition 2006
Mizpe Hayamim Gallery, "from myself", solo Exhibition 2006
Asia House Tel-Aviv, Solo exhibition 2006
Ein- Hod Gallery of Arts, solo exhibition 2006
Al-Ha'agam Gallery, Ra'anana, solo Exhibition 2006
Amalia Arbel Gallery, T.A, "Colors from Soul", solo exhibition 2005
Center for the Performing Arts, Jerusalem, "Doubt of Life & the Secret of color", Solo exhibition 2005
Al Ha'agam Gallery, Ra'anana, "The Magic of Color" solo Exhibition 2004

Upcoming events
2010 Group exhibition, Esp. Culturel- Belleville,Paris,
2010 Group exhibition, Art in Mind , Bricklane Gallery, London.


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