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Dolly Reuven – דולי ראובן – Creator & CEO of Portofino Jewelry, convinces us everyday that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Being in the business for 40 years, Dolly deals with all types of jewelry specifically but not limited to diamonds and precious stones.

After giving birth to her firstborn, she left her profession as a bank teller in Israel and move to New York City. There, she fell in love with the jewellery business after being propositioned for a job.

After many years of working and managing different jewellery companies such as SUMMIT, and Padani Jewels, she finally decided to start up her own back in Israel.

The name Portofino stems from Dolly’s love to Italy, which can also be seen in the creative nature of her art. She takes her love of the world and its jewels, and finds unique ways to
incorporate this love into the jewellery she designs.

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