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נעמה ירמוך – Naama Yarmuch

Naama Heymann Yarmuch (נעמה ירמוך) was born in "Moshav Moledet" in the "Izrael Valley".

Naama had the magnificent views of this beautiful valley and it’s fresh green fields stretched in front of her throughout her childhood.

This scenery is what follows her artistic path up to this very day.

She always felt that the Hebrew sentence: “Know where you are from, and where you are heading"  ("דע מנין אתה בא ולאן אתה הולך") describes her well, as a true Israeli wherever she goes!

Right in an early age, her diverse artistic talents were easy to notice: playing instruments, singing, photographing, drawing and sculpturing became the building blocks for the artistic direction she is following today.

Reaching her twenties, Naama reached the city of Tel Aviv , a busy city, which fit the place of her activities.

During these years she acquired her education in the arts and sciences,
* studying painting and sculpture at the "Avni" Institute.
* studying art at "Beit-Berl" college
* and studing sciences at "Talpiot" college.
These years  give her the first tools to create a professional discussion and an open dialogue with the
Israeli public.
During this period Naama is professionally instructing students in the ages of 3-90, with personal attention and love. This period of teaching spreads over 20 years, during which she builds numerous art courses and instructs various kinds of populations with dedication, while the idea that leads her throughout is –  the love of man.
She also accomplished a B.A in science education along with her development as a 3D artist.

The city of Tel Aviv became her new home, a new source of inspiration for her artwork, and the right place for this 3D family-business.

Her journey to the three dimensional experience began 5 years ago, and it is the result of her personal and authentic work.
Every artwork is based on the artist’s personal experience of a location, which she enjoys sharing with the public in Israel, the USA, Australia, Holland to name a few.

This website presents a unique catalogue of this three-dimensional art.
These art-works are aimed to businesses as well as to private houses.

Naama describes herself as an artist striving for equality, and believes in equal rights regardless of religion or race. she loves her country – Israel, and respects the Jewish – tradition and history.
This is expressed in her artwork “Old and Holy City ”, and "holly-land".
She believes that nature is the root of man’s soul, and without it healthy life cannot exist on this earth.
This is expressed in her artwork “Water” and “Entrances”.
It is said that" home is where the heart is, where a person can genuinely express his personality and innermost wishes".
One can see the relationship between a man’s house and it’s surroundings as well as preserving old beautiful houses in the category ”Entrances”, in pictures such as -“Flowered Balcony”,  “Turquoise” and “A Portal”.

The fascinating journey to the three-dimensional experience has lead Naama to different cities and villages around the world.
This journey will continue to beauty and peaceful places in this planet!

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