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TheHeder Contemporary Art Gallery, located in the center of Tel Aviv, was established in 2003 as part of a unique venue which combines a contemporary art gallery along side an architectural and interior design office. Since its inception, the gallery has exhibited the works of both Israeli and international artists, working in diverse media such as sculpture, painting, photography, video and performance. The meaning of the word "Heder" in Hebrew is "room" and thus reflects its main mission as a place for study, exchanging ideas and joint dialogue and creation. The gallery endeavors to create a challenging program with qualified and inspiring exhibitions. The curatorial program consists of seven exhibitions per year and includes both solo and group exhibitions. The gallery occasionally invites guest curators and international artists, in order to enrich its activity, open it to new ways of thinking and create new dialogues and connections between local and overseas artists. Apart from its aim to make new international contacts and expose foreign artists to the Israeli art scene and audience, the gallery makes efforts to promote its artists both in Israel and abroad. The gallery provides its artists, who are mostly emerging and mid-career contemporary Israeli artists, a meeting point and a link to key-figures in the art scene. It assists them in finding financial support and making collaborations with art institutions and other galleries in Israel and worldwide.

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